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It is key to know how the media market is at any particular time and simply putting X's in boxes isn’t good enough any more.

The variety of media available these days is vast and getting bigger but we have experience across all of it. Many clients have put their faith in us to represent them, clients like Mars Travel Retail, Mexico Tourism Board and US giant Monsanto.

Diverse ways to save.
It would be great to show you how effective we are in our planning. Due to our approach to the media market, we might be able to offer rate savings too. Get in touch.

Whatever creative brilliance you have in your campaign, people still need to see it. So, relationships with the media tend to be very important and are often underestimated. They are important because they ultimately help increase marketplace knowledge and secure great value for money. As an established agency we have the advantages of key relationships without the restraints of a cumbersome agency network.

We plan and buy media on a national and international basis across all disciplines. Getting the most from the media can be quite something. The difference that planning and buying media correctly can make, could change the success of a whole campaign overnight.

Clients Include:
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Testimonial Quote

"Working with The Ad Plain gives us, in effect, another couple of members of our team! Efficient, interactive briefings turn into creative and cost effective media planning. Delivering new ideas, cost savings and some really interesting new approaches to meet our communications needs. Added to that, we can deliver more value knowing that the budget management and reporting is as efficient as the ideas generation and negotiation."

- Anne Williams
Marketing Manager
Monsanto UK

México Case Study Case Study
We represent the Mexican Tourism Board in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Media Strategy Services

Printed flyers
Radio, Cinema, Television
Web Ads
Magazines, Newspapers
Buses, Taxicabs
Tube platforms and trains
Airplanes (logojets)
In-flight advertisements
Product placement
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