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If you are looking for an agency to churn out vast quantities of press releases and bombard the media, then we aren’t for you. For the record, they don’t like it.

Everything we do is qualified and relationships with editorial departments of the media is pretty much top of our agenda. We try to make everything we do have a purpose (as opposed to consuming trees and clogging up in boxes).

Need To Tell Someone?
Get creative with PR. Our belief is that good PR is about wrapping your message up in the right story, knowing the person to sell it to and injecting a perpetual element of creativity.

PR works very closely with other areas of the company to make spend go even further. PR needn’t be complicated or wasteful.

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Testimonial Quote

"“I worked with TAP for 3 years and they very much acted as our PR department. Their strategy, dealing with the press and high creative standards were a significant factor in our substantial growth."

- Geoff Hutley
Former Managing Director
The Zero Group

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