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For better or worse, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are now so popular that organisations can ill afford to rely solely on traditional methods of communication to influence their audience. With the right ideas, they can be very effective.

Social media marketing works best with intelligent, creative content which genuinely engages the audience. We work with brands to create campaigns that capture attention, using high-quality copywriting and content creation which focuses on getting people talking, leading to more interaction with customers and greater brand recognition. This can be done on a scale to suit the project, making it a very flexible medium.

Be Sociable.
Marketing is not a one-way street anymore. In this environment, brands don’t just talk, they listen.
Get in touch.

We connect with the people and communities who matter most to you. We listen to what they’re talking about and we interact on a personal level. We create noticeable campaigns (for the right reasons!) and we offer a range of media services that help you do this, including: social media strategy, community management, blogger outreach, content marketing, search engine optimisation, listening & analysis programmes and social media identity. But don’t worry - we'll make it simpler than it sounds!



Check out some of the client Twitter accounts we have developed and manage:


Testimonial Quote

"TAP has helped Monsanto through all stages of establishing and building a social media presence for DEKALB, which yielded impressive results in a recent high-profile website launch."

- Lucy Kane, Production & Marketing Coordinator, Monsanto

Social Media Services

Listening & analysis programmes
Social media strategy
Blogger outreach
Search engine optimisation
Listening & analysis programmes
Social media identity
Management of Social Media accounts
Social Media Marketing Integration